GTRACS Automated Tracking System

How Are Tires Tracked Through GTRACS?

GTRACSSimply put, bar codes. When a commercial truck tire is brought to one of Goodyear’s Truckwise locations for repairs or retreading, it is marked with a bar code. The bar code is scanned at every workstation throughout the retread process so you can track your service and performance records.

Where Can You Get Your GTRACS Information?

Once your tires are serviced or retreaded, Goodyear will provide you with charts and graphs that show the efficiency of each tire or retread, so you can see what combination of tires works best in the long run. Qualified fleet customers can even access this information on-line with Fleetwise™.

So Why Should You Use GTRACS?

Whether you’re managing a national or local fleet, GTRACS gives you valuable information about your tires and retreads. This data will help you make informed tire decisions that can save your fleet lots of money.

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