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Since 1925, Goodyear Blimps Have Adorned The Skies

The Goodyear Blimp has engaged in emergency assistance, broken endurance flying records, communicated public service announcements, and brought joy to people around the world since 1925. Goodyear Blimp on Facebook

Goodyear Blimp Site
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The Crew

Each Goodyear airship has a team of highly qualified specialists who operate the equipment specially designed for the airship program. Four pilots, sixteen ground crewmembers, and a public relations manager support each operation, and greet thousands of people every year.

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Our Fleet

Goodyear blimps served as aerial aircraft carriers, and surveillance airships protecting merchant ships and early warning radar stations through the 1950s. Today, our fleet consists of four airships - Spirit of America in Carson, CA; Spirit of Goodyear in Akron, OH; Spirit of Innovation in Pompano Beach, FL; and Navigator in China.

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Blimp Basics

From the lights on the outside to the controls on the inside, Goodyear Blimps have been enhanced with numerous technological innovations. Explore an interactive tour on the Goodyear Blimp site for an in-depth look at these amazing airships.Inside the Goodyear Blimp


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