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World’s largest tire manufacturer

World’s largest tire manufacturer

Between rolling out new technologies and re-establishing ourselves as the world’s largest tire manufacturer, we were pretty busy in the 90s. Explore some of our finest moments below.

1996 Goodyear introduces the Infinitred, the first tire with a lifetime treadwear warranty

1997 Revolutionary Extended Mobility Technology (EMT) tires are rolled out

1998 Goodyear announces the development of IMPACT (Integrated Manufacturing Precision Assembled Cellular Technology) - an advanced tire manufacturing process. IMPACT is faster and more precise than the earlier production process, and cuts inventory and related equipment in half

1999 Goodyear forms a $1 billion global alliance with Sumitomo Rubber Industries Ltd. This reestablishes Goodyear as the world's largest tire company. The alliance with Sumitomo, which extends Goodyear's rights to the Dunlop tire brand in much of the world, established six joint ventures in Europe, Japan and North America.


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