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Tire treads & traction technology

Tire treads & traction technology

For Cars and Minivans

1Comparison of industry data for T-, H- and V-speed rated tires vs. Goodyear Assurance® ComforTred Touring.

For SUVs/Trucks

  • The TractiveGroove Technology on Wrangler® DuraTrac tires offer enhanced traction in deep mud and snow
  • Durawall Technology helps resist cuts and punctures to sidewalls on Wrangler® Silent Armor® tires
  • Large, stiff shoulder blocks and lower profile sidewalls help provide responsive handling and agility on Wrangler® HP tires

For Sport Performance Vehicles

  • The race-derived, multi-radius mold shape of Eagle® F1 Supercar® tires offers precise handling and smooth, even wear
  • Asymmetric tread design uses an outer tread zone for commanding dry grip, and a water-shedding inner tread zone to aid wet traction on Eagle® F1 Asymmetric tires
  • The solid centerline and large shoulder elements on Eagle® F1 GS-2 EMT tires help deliver responsive steering and confident cornering

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