Our Goodyear Rebate Center is the place to submit your rebate claim, or check the status of an already existing rebate claim.


If checking status of an existing claim, please just have the details of your rebate submission handy.





For purchases in 2020, visit:



For purchases in 2021, visit:






How to Redeem your Rebate

1. Purchase rebate eligible tires

Purchase a set of four rebate eligible tires.

2. Gather needed items to submit your rebate

If submitting your rebate online or if by mail, you’ll need some details about yourself like name, address, and phone number along with a copy of your receipt. Goodyear’s privacy policy applies here.

3. Redeem your rebate

Either mail in your rebate with a copy of your invoice/receipt along with the fully completed rebate form, or submit your rebate directly at our rebate center.