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Tire speed rating tells you the maximum service speed for a tire. A speed rating isn't, however, a recommendation to exceed speed limits, and doesn't indicate how well a tire handles or corners.

Tires can be sold with different speed ratings, so it's important to choose the tire that's best suited to your vehicle.

Learn more about speed rating in the speed rating chart below & refer to additional resources below for other related information.

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Tire Speed Rating

It is recommended that a speed-rated tire be replaced with a tire having an equivalent or greater speed rating. For example, if the recommended speed rating is a V, it's suggested that you replace it with a V, W, Y, or Z.

It is not recommended to fit tires with different speed ratings. If tires with different speed ratings are installed on a vehicle, they should be installed with like pairs on the same axle. The speed capability of the vehicle will become limited to that of the lowest speed rated tires. Obey all speed limits.

Tire Speed Rating Chart

Service description speed symbol Maximum speed (MPH) Size speed symbol
Q 99
R 106
S 112
T 118
U 124
H 130
V 149
  Above 149 ZR
W* 168
Y** 186 ZR
(Y)** Above 186
* W- and Y-speed ratings are subcategories of the Z-speed rating.
** Per the TR&A 2007 yearbook, for tires having a maximum speed capability above 240 km/h (149 mph), a ZR may appear in the size designation. For tires having a maximum speed capacity above 300 km/h (186 mph), a ZR must appear in the size designation and a service description, including the Y speed symbol, must be included in brackets.

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