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Tire innovation: NASCAR ® & the White House


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Tire innovation: NASCAR ® & the White House

From making environmentally friendly decisions to introducing a great campaign, Goodyear was hard at work. Explore our efforts below.

1977 Goodyear introduced 2 notable advances in tire design: the Tiempo, a tire for year-round use in all climates, and the revolutionary Elliptic tire with a capacity for fuel savings

1981 Goodyear's method of chemically disposing of hazardous PCBs is honored by a White House agency, receiving the 1981 Environmental Industry Award

1987 Goodyear produces the first original equipment, performance tire (the Eagle ZR40 Gatorback) for the 1988 Chevrolet Corvette

1991 The Goodyear Guy, one of the five most-liked campaigns in Canada, appears for the first time

1993 Consumer Digest magazine names the Goodyear Eagle GA tire a "Best Buy" for 1993

1995 Goodyear marks its 1,000th NASCAR® Winston Cup victory


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