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Green tires: soybean oil

Green tires: soybean oil

What are tires made of? Very soon, the answer to that question could include soybean oil. In 2012 Goodyear announced a development that has the potential to help consumers and the environment by producing green tires that would reduce the amount of petroleum-based oil used in tires, while at the same time, extending tread life.

Soybean benefits:

  • Blends efficiently with the silica used to make tires
  • Reduces factory energy consumption
  • Has potential to increase tread life by up to 10%
  • Has potential to cut Goodyear's own oil use by 7 million gallons per year

If you look through the soybean benefits above, you'll see that the researchers at our Goodyear Innovation Center found that using soybean oil in tires has the potential to increase tread life of a tire by 10 percent and improve mixing capabilities for a smoother manufacturing process.


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