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Run On Flat® & EMT Tires

Run On Flat® & EMT Tires

Goodyear has been developing specialized versions of Run On Flat tires and EMT tires because of their many benefits. What are Run On Flat tires? Both Run On Flat & EMT (Extended Mobility Technology) tires are designed to perform when deflating or even once deflated. They allow you to drive at a top speed of 50 mph/80 kph for up to 50 mi./80 km to help you reach a safe place or service area. Also, by eliminating the need for a spare tire, this tire technology can save weight, space, cost, and resources.

Some of our Run On Flat and Extended Mobility Technology tires include:

For a full list of our ROF® and EMT tires please refer to our Run On Flat tires page.

Or, if you’d like to find out if your vehicle has Run On Flat® or Extended Mobility Technology tires, use our search by vehicle tool.

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