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Environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability

Over the years, Goodyear has often been recognized for our commitment to environmental sustainability. Noteworthy honors include:

  • In 1973 Keep America Beautiful, Inc., selected Goodyear's corporate-wide environmental improvement program as the nation's finest
  • In 1981 Goodyear's method of chemically disposing of hazardous PCBs was honored by a White House agency, receiving the 1981 Environmental Industry Award
  • In 2009 Goodyear was recognized as one of the Greenest Big Companies in America by Newsweek magazine
  • In 2012 Goodyear began testing tires that were made, in part, with soybean oil. This development has the potential to cut Goodyear's use of petroleum by up to 7 million gallons a year while also increasing the tread life of the tire

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